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Renault-T v6.1

- Truck for sale in the showroom of Renault.
- Spelled out in the gallery and in the company truck.
- Has its own add-ons, sounds, skins and templates.
- Residence permit, icons and sounds open for editing.
- Access to the rest of fashion closed.
- Their skins and templates.
- Adapted to the latest patch.
- New 3D interior (two options).
- Two kinds of cabin (right side and left side).
- Added painting wheels.
- Support for the rudder.
- Removed kolendar.
- Fixed glass on the headlights.
- Fixed minor bugs.
- Added support for all "DLS"
- Fixed a shadow.
- Fixed sound.
- Fixed a collision.

List of changes:
- Added another option interior
- Added additional tuning
- Fixes and improvements of many small parts, etc.
- In the next update 7.0 all exterior with a new baking and template (Improved models for a better FPS) will be replaced

Test versions 1.25.x - 1.26.1s

- Jekich1, SCS: 3D model.
- Virat: 3D interior.
- Stas556: Converting animation, tuning.
- Fire-Blade: Co-author, modeling.
- Mishanka: Residence permit.
- Kriechbaum: Sounds engines sending.
- NN-Mihail: Technical support, texture.
- Robert Bogdanov: Template for skins.
- Dave Burgess: Skin "Seven Lincs Transport".
- Evelin Sophie: Renault T Pak.Test Skin, dashboards.
- Smith: Zapechka, help with the animation.

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