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SCHMITZ Cargobull

Schmitz CargoBull
All-in-One Set?
Herewith I present you the trailer already known from LS15.
As in the previous version, this is no longer up-to-date and therefore represents a purely functional mod.
The optics is in the background, as well as other things, which would be the standard in the LS17.
Nevertheless, attempts have been made to adjust, upgrade or otherwise make appropriate adjustments.
Unfortunately, scriptbedingt and game-conditioned some functions are different or no longer present.
This could be remedied by simply making 3 ShopEntries, but then it would not be an allroundPacket anymore.
The goal was to ensure the greatest possible adaptability for everyone.
Filling goods: bulk (ie all bulk goods)
Volume: 32,000 L

main-model: hoschi97 parts: Siwus (BigBags), TheAgraama (Gurte) textures/ingame/functions/animations: HoFFi scripts: Sven777b/Frabel, HoT, fruktor, ifko[nator]

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