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ScriptHookV Mod Enabler 3.0

This simple program allows you to disable your mods that use scripthookv eg. Native trainer. This is done by renaming scripthookv.dll and dinput8.dll.

.NET Framework 4.5.2
Script Hook V (tested with Native Trainer v1.0.463.1)

Click .. button in front of the text box and find your Grand Theft Auto V folder
Once you have found your Grand Theft Auto V folder click save directory
Click disable mods if you have your mods disabled
Click enable mods if you have your mods enabled 

Common errors:
If an error comes up saying that it can't find a file this either means that scripthookv.dll and dinput8.dll have a different name, you have selected the wrong directory or you have already enabled or disabled your mods.

On some anti-viruses this program may flag up as a virus, this often happens because the file is in a single exe and it is a common way of receiving viruses. This program is not a virus and I will try my best to keep track of this program and make sure no malicious code has somehow been injected into the download, furthermore this program does not come on an installer so there is no installer that could cause the installation of malware.

If you have any other errors or recommendations please comment on this page.


V2.0: added new save directory option so you don't have to input the directory every time you reset.

V2.1: Redesigned the mod enabler and added an icon.

V2.1.1: You can no longer change the size of the window, changed the message at the bottom of the window.

V3.0: Completely reprogrammed the entire program in C# and overhauled the UI, added link to scripthookV page and dedicated about page for information 

Credits: ermgerd

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