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VAutodrive 6

NEW FEATURES (IMPORTANT: You need to install VCommonFunctions V2.3.0 as well (part of this download)!)
- The roof of convertibles is now locked in it's actual state while the autopilot is engaged.
- The maximum speed preset was raised to 120mph. However, only a few supercars can make it there. Others still cut at 95mph. This is due to restrictions in the game and not caused by VAutodrive.
- The helicopter autopilot now recognizes the Z-value (height) of ANY blip. So it will make a safe approach to whichever blip is under the waypoint marker.
- The helipad blips are now saved in a file on your harddrive. It's going to be automatically generated when you press the ToggleBlipMap key while you sit in a Helicopter. You find the file in Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\ModSettings and the name is VAutodriveHelipads.xml. Please read the guide for information on how to edit this file for additional helipads of your own choice.
- Updated the guide to reflect the changes.

This mod has a long development history already as it all began with GTA IV. The GTA V version is a migration and has gotten a lot of improvements.

VAutodrive (say "Five Autodrive") equips vehicles with an autopilot and more. No need to press and hold keys for minutes in order to drive. Enjoy the view and your dinner with your hands free.
- Drives/flies you to a waypoint or cruise around aimlessly by not setting a waypoint.
- Works with cars, motorbikes, bicycles, helicopters, airplanes and on foot.
- Does NOT support Blimps, the Hydra and submersibles
- Select any of several speed presets with a simple keystroke
- fine tune the speed up and down
- select from 4 different driving styles, from obeying all traffic laws to reckless and change them anytime during the ride.
- Let your character do the driving or get a driver spawned.
- You can work the gun of the Insurgent, the Karin technical, the armored limo or the Valkyrie helicopter while a driver/pilot gets you to your destination.
- in-game configuration menu for all configurable things, even all the key bindings.
- Abandoned vehicle movers
- make other drivers flee from you to resolve traffic jams
- Advanced component software architecture (see Codemap picture). This is no simple script.
- All key bindings are fully customizable.
- Detailed PDF guide with pictures, so you get the most out of this mod.

You need:
- the most recent version of GTA V. This mod gets always updated as soon as the updated Scripthook is available.

- Microsoft .net framework 4.5.2 or above ( )

- Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 ( )

- Alexander Blade's ScripthookV ( )

- ScripHooktVDotnet V2.9.3 or V2.9.4 ( )

- My VCommonFunctions.dll (included in this download)

- Guad's NativeUI V1.7(included in this download)

- Adobe Acrobat Reader for the PDF guide ( ) (not necessary on Windows 10, as long as you haven't uninstalled the Windows Edge browser).

Installation instructions and more detail information in the Guide (included in this download).

SPECIAL NOTE for LSPDFR users: Better set the KillEnemies property in the config to false or you might face that VAutodrive kills suspects!
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