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Azimut 47" v2 v.03.03.16

1 garage (private), 5 sawmills, 1 trees with three-point loading,
2 gas stations, 5 points of intelligence
several cars scattered around the map
4 slot the choice of a car, including starting.
You think the second version will like it as much the first
Hello! Imagine all the already known map "Azimut 47". The first version had issues with fence and shed, which lacked texture and were negative responses about the sawmills. So, I reworked the map was modified a little, removed the broken objects, scattered sawmills around, added new roads to the sawmills. Now, before you go with wood, you will have to open the garage, the first version was opened, thereby I made the time pass a little longer.

Credits: Aleksandrs Boginskis (Azimut_47)

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