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Custom Camera v0.9.3.1

A custom vehicle camera system for Grand Theft Auto V

Warning: This project is a Work In Progress and may contain some bugs.

v0.9.3 hotfix1
Fixed regression making the camera being less fixed behind the car
Fixed stuttering!! 100%!! FINALLY :)
Added an option to disable camera distance increase at high speeds
Fixed some stuttering issues
Added config file support
First release

* Optimized for drifting
* Allows aim/shooting and look around (with both mouse and gamepad)
* Advanced system for update camera position and rotation. Inspired in top racing games!
* Keeps radar rotation in sync with camera rotation
* Nice feeling of speed
* Supports big vehicles, and even vehicles towing another vehicles
* Customizble settings via ini file

* GTA V for PC (obviously)
* Script Hook V
* Community Script Hook V .net


* While on a vechicle (all vehicles supported except planes, helis and boats), press numpad1 to enable/disable Custom Camera V
* Shooting: aim and shoot just like in the built-in camera (mouse and gamepad supported)
* Free look: look-around just like in the built-in camera (mouse and gamepad supported)

Recommended third party mods to use with Custom Camera V

* Inverse power script by ikt
* A handling mod, such as Realistic Driving V or RDE 3.0 handling file


Report issues and errors here:

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