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Niko Bellic

--Addon version installation--

1. To install, drag and drop the update folder into your game folder (/GTAV/ OR GTA/mods/)
2. Open your update.rpf (in the update folder or mods/update/update.rpf) and add the two files (gameconfig.xml and dlclist.xml) to common/data/
3. Spawn Niko ingame via the Simple Trainer. Spawn him using the "spawn model by model name" option. His model name is player_niko.
4. Play with your Niko and his big nosed goodness!

--Replacement version installation--

1. Execute OpenIV and head to x64v.rpf
2. Find streamedpeds_mp.rpf and extract it.
3. Edit the RPF and use the files I've supplied. Be sure to rebuild.
4. Delete the old streamedpeds_mp.rpf from x64v.rpf and add the new modified one.
5. Do NOT rebuild the x64v archive.
6. Play with your Niko and his big nosed goodness!

--Exclusive features--

1. Full facial animation.
2. Niko hand texture.
3. Proper leg texture.
4. Fixed torso texture.
5. Fixed feet texture.

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