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Baldeykino 4 Edit Map FS17

About mod:
Added train, transporter-storage of cereals and vegetables, replaced the base storage, changed the landscape, basically all the trees can be sawed, in the forest base the transporter with a crane. The map now has all the standard animals. Milk is delivered at the mills, near the bread factory. But the bread factory still does not work, as before. Choppedstraw – removed, strongly slows the game. There is a sawmill on pallets boards, a sale in a farm at the crossroads.
From the old map taken production and placed on another near the barn. Production of fuel is to be transported by a tanker to the base. To operate the productions, you need the AAA_UniversalProcessKit mod (comes with the kit). Some fields are changed from the original and their price is revised.

ben686, Den Ben, ajsik69, RT-mods, salaris64

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