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More Dynamid Mud & Temps Tweaks – SpinTires 03.03.16

More Dynamic Mud
-Dirt/Mud surfaces now consist of different materials depending on depth.
The top layer is dry soil with damp soil underneath, thick mud below that, and loose sloshy mud even lower still. Finally super deep down is a mix of mud and clay.
-There are a total of 27 Particle types used over 7 variable situation dependant effects!
Spinning the wheels, sliding sideways, pushing mud and driving fast all create their own effect variations which combine with depth based particle choice to create LOTS of variation!

Temp’s Tweaks
-Improved Water physics reduces vehicle weight when submerged, and creates much stronger force on flat surfaces in rapids to create truly challenging water crossings
-Improved Mud physics reduces grip while spinning wheels, and increases the force required to push vehicle bodies through mud to make things less arcadey.
-Particle effects for water interaction have been updated to fix some bad looking effects. Surf spray around the vehicle totally reworked so a visible line of foam forms along the vehicle edge. Spinning wheels while partially underwater now produces realistic “water wheels” instead of weird splash spots.
-Dynamic Objects such as Rocks and Mud chunks and fallen trees reworked to act much more realistic. Rocks no longer roll around because you looked at them, provide realistic traction and have realistic weight.
-Terrain Types and Overlay config’s modified to maximise usage of MDM. Includes many custom maps (just the config files, not the maps)
-Static Object and Rock physics fixes for better traction

Credits: TemplarGFX

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