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Raven Rock (Military Island) GTA5

This map offers the following stuff:

  • New island with military base on it.

  • A part of the base is enterable by the player.

  • 2 Helipads

  • 1 Runway (Its not supposed to land here with a plane, but in case you want to you can manually remove the Titan, Lazor & Hydra to have enough space to gurantee a safe landing)

  • Huge underwater tunnel wich leads to a special place at the bottom of the ocean.

  • For everything else, take a look at the pictures/videos!


  • The Raven Rock is located in the east ocean. You can fly to the lighthouse (east coast of gta map) and follow the buoys. There is also a picture with the correct location at this site.


  • 1. Install the Map Editor by Guadmaz and make sure its the latest version and works correctly, this is very important!

  • 2. Either way open the readme you have just downloaded or pick one of the following two .xml files and move it into your GTA main folder.

    RavenRockP.xml (1848 props, 102 peds, recommended)
    RavenRockH.xml (1839 props, 0 peds, most stable)

    The Submarine sometimes spawns outside of the water and gets stuck. If so, reload the map or just spawn your own Submarine. Thats related to the map editor mechanics.

    Also, the boat outside of the base cant be entered because it doesnt have a collision model sadly. You will just fall through when you try to enter it.

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