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Vanillaworks Extended Pack [Add-On | OIV | Tuning | Liveries] GTA5

Vanillaworks Extended is an add-on pack that includes a collection of lore-friendly vehicles and peds from various different mod creators.

- This pack will replace the carcols.ymt, carvariations.ymt, dispatch.meta, gameconfig.xml, popcycle.dat, popgroups.ymt, vehiclemodelsets.meta and the carcols.meta files (in mplowrider2, mpluxe & mppilot). If you want to ensure that there's no conflicts with any of the other mods you have installed it is recommended to install this pack on a clean copy of the game (or of the "mods" folder) and only then start adding other mods in to the game. 

- Albany Washington
- Annis Euros
- Annis Hizoku (2 Variants)
- Benefactor Glendale Coupe
- Benefactor Surano GT
- BF Injection
- Bobcat Security Brute Pony
- Bobcat Security Brute Stockade
- Bobcat Security Cheval Fugitive
- Bobcat Security Declasse Granger
- Bravado Bison
- Bravado Buffalo S
- Bravado Gauntlet Heist
- Bravado Gauntlet Hellhound
- Bravado Rat-Loader
- Bravado Duneloader
- Bravado Stubby Duneloader
- Brute Roadkiller
- Brute Yosemite
- Cheval Fugitive SS
- Cheval Picador Loco (2 Variants)
- Declasse Burrito (1st Gen)
- Declasse Moonbeam (2 Variants)
- Declasse Rancher Pickup
- Declasse Rancher Stepside
- Dinka Blista Compact T/A
- Dinka Flash
- Emperor ES550
- Enus Cognoscenti Cabrio
- Gruppe Sechs Bravado Buffalo
- Gruppe Sechs Canis Mesa
- Gruppe Sechs Karin Dilettante
- Imponte Ruiner 2000
- Invetero Coquette (2 Variants)
- Jobuilt Juggernaut
- Karin Futo JTCC
- Karin Kuruma T/A
- Karin Sultan RS CT
- Karin Sultan RS Sedan
- Karin Sultan RS Ute
- Lampadati Pigalle US-Spec (2 Variants)
- LSPD Annis Pinnacle
- LSPD Brute Pony (3 Variants)
- LSPD Invetero Coquette (2 Variants)
- LSPD Ocelot Jackal
- LSPD Pegassi Infernus (2 Variants)
- LSPD Ubermacht Oracle XS
- LSPD Vapid Bullet (3 Variants)
- LSPD Vapid Radius
- LSPD Vapid STD Stanier
- LSPD Willard Solair
- LSSD Invetero Coquette
- LSSD Vapid Bullet
- Maibatsu Mule Flatbed
- Mammoth Patriot
- Mammoth Patriot Classic
- Merryweather Security Bravado Gresley
- Merryweather Security Declasse Premier
- Merryweather Security Vapid Stanier
- Ocelot Ardent Aqua
- Pegassi Infernus
- Pfister Comet Retro
- Rockport Police Invetero Coquette (2 Variants)
- Rockport Police Vapid Stanier (2 Variants)
- SAHP Invetero Coquette (2 Variants)
- SAHP Pegassi Infernus
- SAHP Vapid Bullet (2 Variants)
- SAHP Vapid Uranus
- Schyster Greenwood
- TMPD Annis Elegy Retro
- Vapid Big Ol' Bobcat
- Vapid Bobcat Dually
- Vapid Bobcat XL Dually
- Vapid Bullet
- Vapid Contender Off-Road
- Vapid Contender Classic (2 Variants)
- Vapid Coyote (2 Variants)
- Vapid Dominator Classic
- Vapid Executioner
- Vapid Minivan
- Vapid Sandking
- Vapid Speedo
- Vapid Speedo Coroner
- Vapid Stanier (3 Variants)
- Vapid STD Stanier
- Vulcar Warrener Coupe
- Weeny Issi Hardtop
- Western Company Cuban 800

- Bobcat Security Armored Driver
- Bobcat Security Guard
- Los Santos Coroner
- Merryweather Security Guard

1. Open OpenIV
2. Go to Tools -> Package Installer
3. Find the "VWE.oiv" file and open it
4. Click on "Install"
5. Choose the "mods" folder option and wait for it to finish the installation

1. Open the "VWE.oiv" file with 7Zip/WinRar
2. Open the "assembly.xml" file with Notepad/Notepad++
3. Follow the installation paths and place the files in their correct locations

ardent2, bfinjection2, bison4, blista4, bobcat2, bobcat3, bobcatxl2, bsfugitive, bsgranger, bspony, buffalo4, bulhway, bulhway2, bullet2, bulpolice, bulpolice2, bulpolice3, bulsheriff, burrito6, cogcabrio2, comet4, contender3, contender4, contender5, coqhway, coqhway2, coqpolice, coqpolice2, coqsheriff, coquette5, coquette6, corspeedo, coyote, coyote2, cuban8002, dilettante3, dloader2, dloader3, dominator3, elegy3, es550, euros, executioner, flash, fugitive2, futo3, g6buffalo, g6mesa, gauntlet3, glendale2, greenwood, hellhound, hizoku, hizoku2, hwayuranus, infernus3, infhway, infpolice, infpolice2, issi, juggernaut, kuruma3, minivan3, moonbeam3, moonbeam4, mule4, mwgresley, mwpremier, mwstanier, patriot2, patriot3, picador2, picador3, pigalle2, pigalle3, police9, police10, police11, police12, police13, police14, policet2, policet3, rancher2, rancher3, ratloader3, roadkiller, rpdcar1, rpdcar2, rpdcar3, rpdcar4, ruiner5, sandking3, speedo3, stanier3, stanier4, stanier5, stdstanier, stdstanier2, stockade2, sultanrs2, sultanrs3, sultanrs4, surano2, warrener2, washington2, yosemite

S_M_M_Armoured_03, S_M_M_ChemSec_01, S_M_M_Coroner_01, S_M_M_Security_03

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