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2017 Ferrari J50 (Limited)[Add-On/HQ] GTA5

Surprise! It's the Ferrari J50

What’s the one thing better than a new Ferrari? A surprise new Ferrari.
Limited edition F50-like targa supercar lands out of the blue. Want one?

It’s a limited-run model, with just ten being made, and sold at cost we estimate to be many thousands of
pounds (no actual number, sorry). It marks 50 years of Ferrari selling cars in Japan, which should nicely decode its name for you.

Underneath its skin sits a Ferrari 488 Spider, with its 3.9-litre turbo V8 tuned up by 20bhp, to 681bhp.
It did not need this, but we welcome the additional power nonetheless. Expect incremental gains over the
standard Spider’s 3.0sec 0-62mph time and 202mph top speed.

It’s the styling that’s most important, though, and crikey, there’s lots of it. It’s a whole lot more aggressive
than a standard 488, and with its targa roof layout and black dividing strip along the doors,
it puts us in mind of a modern day Ferrari F50. No bad thing whatsoever.


HQ Exterior
HQ Interior
HQ Doorsills
HQ 3D Enginebay & Trunk
2 EXTRA Roofs as Tuning
Hands on Steeringwheel
Working Dials
Breakeable Glass
And all other standarts... 

Known Bugs: Burn Map incomplete

Install and Enjoy ;)
See Ya Soon Peeps.

MODEL: Turbosquid

Engine: Turn 10 - FH3
Interior Parts: NaturalMotion - CSR2
Roof Models: Asyr0n
Assembled & adapted: Asyr0n

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