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Project RELOAD | GTAV Enhancer GTA5

ScrollLock: Enabling/Disabling ReShade
Shift+F12: Enabling/Disabling ENB
Num1: Enabling/Disabling ReShade Based DOF. DEFAULT=ON
Num7: Enabling/Disabling Adaptation Based Lighting & Lens Effect. DEFAULT=ON.

There are 2 type DOF in RELOAD.
*ReShade BASED
*Timecycle BASED - Old One
When you installed RELOAD, ReShade BASED DOF will be activated. If you don't want that or if you have FPS drops, disable that with Num1!

If you disable ReShade BASED DOF; Old, Timecycle Based DOF will be activated. Your FPS will increase and you'll play with our classic DOF.
If you don't want any kind of DOF, change your timecycles with optional ones and press NUM1 while you're playing.

Before installing this mod; Set your Game's Brightness as maximum, Set DirectX mod as 11 and set your Window mod as Borderless Windowed.
If you have problems like Yellow or Blue Screen, Delete all parts of RELOAD and ReInstall the mod. Even better if you ReInstall the game.

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