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Tornado Mod v1.2 GTA5

Now for something a little random. I bring you.. Tornado Script. A script that brings a whole new element to stormy weather in GTA V.
With this script installed, it brings the possibility that a violent tornado will spawn in when the weather turns bad.

Tornados can be set to appear naturally during thunderstorms or spawned at your command using a specified keybind.

The INI config file gives you the option to adjust these settings.

Default activation key is the F6 key. (heh)

Keep in mind that this script does not come without a hit to FPS.
It has yet to be tested on low- end machines, but I think its fair to assume that any especially low- end hardware may have issues running this.

I may try to optimize this further in other releases, but for now, that is the downside to installing this mod.

If you have any ideas for what you want to see with this mod, please post it below. Thanks (:

Additional Requirements

  • Create a folder called "scripts" in the main folder where GTA is installed
  • Place TornadoScript.dll in the folder
  • Place TornadoScript.ini in the folder

Tested on game version v1.0.944

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