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Loess Hill Country v4 FS17

Welcome to the Central Saxon Loess Hill Country!
This big map is specially designed for multiplayer sessions but also possible for singleplayer.
There are 49 fields (970 hectares, mean 20 hectares) and 12 meadows (122 hectares) with a total value of more than 40 million euros. During harvesting, you can decide, if you want to use our large storage or to sell your crops (including rye and oat) at 14 different stations. You can also decide to work in three different forests and bring your wood to several companies.
More features:
– 3 villages with some specials
– Real harvests
– Proportional growth times
– Biogas plant, cows, pigs, sheep
– Slurry storage
– …
Changelog v4.1:
– Dirt-Trigger corrected (pigs, cows, sheeps).
– Feed mixing plant produces food for pigs.
– 3D trees instead of 2D trees (some selected forests).
– Production branches improved (speed and input quantity).
– Consumption of seed increased.
– Fertilizer and seed at the farm.
– Traffic splines improved.
– Particles of oat and rye added (harvester).
– Map prepared for Farming Tablet by Farmer Andy
– some other small bugfixes and improvements…

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