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Pull Me Over GTA5

This script was made in order to have a more realistic experience when it comes to breaking traffic laws. This script relies on that you already have cop cars naturally spawning in traffic. If you don't, there is a link below. Patrolling cop cars will attempt to pull you over to give a ticket if they see you doing the following:

-Using a mobile phone
-Driving a heavily damaged vehicle
-Driving against traffic
-Doing a wheelie/stoppie
-Driving without a helmet
-Driving on sidewalk

You may be ticketed for multiple violations. No wanted level gained unless you don't comply with cops or go extremely fast (configurable in INI). What happens after you get wanted is not subject to this script.


Also them patrolling cop cars. This should do it:

Things to know
You won't get over pulled over for going 1 over the limit, there is some slack. Also you can still overtake cars provided you do it quick.
Cops can be pretty rough with the driving. Just pull over nice and slow, as they say ;)

About the running a red light feature:
The script checks for surrounding cars around you and whether they've stopped because of a red light and are heading the same direction as you. Due to turning right on red being legal, script only checks if you keep going straight. Turning right or left regardless of the light color won't get you pulled over, depending on the size of the intersection though.

This leads to these known issues:
-If there are no cars at intersection on your lane you are free to plow through.
-If there is a car stopped at red light on left turn signal and you have a green light for going straight, you will get pulled over. This is pretty rare though.

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