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Towing Service GTA5

The Streets of Los Santos get a free towing service for everyone!* Now, any vehicle broken down will be taken off the streets by towtrucks, thanks to this script. 

- Coroner Service
- Vanillalworks Extended Pack
- Lively World 0.5 (to be updated)
- Dangerous Individuals

Basically, when you're a cop, the tow service won't actively look for vehicles, letting you mark them by yourself and not taking over your job.

- Compatiblity - Developers
This script uses two decorators to handle the vehicles, applied to the player ped:
- [boolean] HandledByTow: When false, this vehicle will have a Tow dispatched for it. When HandledByTow is true, that means the tow is already dispatched and working on getting the car out of the street.
- [boolean] DontInterrupt: The script won't dispatch tows for this vehicle.
- [boolean] TSActiveSearch: The script won't look for vehicles to tow if this is disabled.

Commands/Cheats (tilde or ยบ key)
- "call tow": Calls a tow for the nearest vehicle.
- "TSActiveSearch": Toggles Active Search. When enabled, abandoned cars will be towed automatically.


  • Separated NPC and Player services
  • NPCs get their vehicle towed automatically, options in the .ini define what kind of vehicles get towed.
  • The player will be prompted to call the towing service if his car is broken down, too.
  • The script uses a Skylift, for big vehicles, Towtrucks for regular vehicles, and a Flatbed for destroyed vehicles.
  • You can let the Towing service fix the car in situ or tow you to the nearest LS Customs. If you let the service fix your car in situ, the cost will depend on ammount of damage the vehicle has ($50 each tire, $200 for the engine, $100 for the petrol tank.)
  • Manual Service calling for any vehicle you want

All files go into (GTA V Folder)/Scripts/.
If you don't have it, congratulations, this is your first script.
Create the scripts folder and put them there.

Towing Service for NPCs
Towtrucks will come and pick up any vehicle that's broken down (engine smoking, driver dead, any tire burst). While they actually drive to the broken down vehicle, they only realistically back up if there's not too much traffic around. If there is, they skip the back up part to avoid traffic jams, as the AI is a little wonky driving backwards.

Don't worry about your vehicle, it is not considered by this part of the script.

Manually Called Towing Service for any car
Approach the vehicle and enter the "call tow" cheat.

Towing Service for the Player
If your vehicle is badly damaged, you can call the Tow service by holding the handbrake and honking (pressing E). Wait until the towtruck comes and the driver fixes your vehicle.

*The fee for players is $50, plus the cost of actually fixing the vehicle.

.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ 2015

Bugs you might encounter
- Cargobobs can be dispatched to tunnels.
- Weird vehicle aligments when picked up by a towtruck, depends on the angle of approach.
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