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Bakeel Map v0.9.1 FS17

This is the first map I ever made, don’t expect it to be good. It has been a project that I stopped working on. It is 90% done.

Version 0.9.1
– Replaced map border ( -1 error in log)
– Removed tree from field 25
– Softened speed bumps
– Moved minimap icons
– Removed decoration objects from field 14
– Added more traffic signs
– Added water to the higher grounds
– Added (slightly) more decoration on different locations.
– Field 26 is now accessible
– Changed ”DecoGrass” texture
– Grass looks more dense now

New savegame is not necessary.
The map has several errors about texture stuff and animated objects . Also, the map has seasons, but is not seasons ready, yet
75 field varying from 0.236Ha to 12.488Ha
Sheep, cows and chickens
Extra fruits: Oat, Rye, Spelt, Triticale, Sorghum and Millet

Idea / Concept: Bakker-ModdingTesting: Bakker-ModdingObjects: Arii, Nick981, NI Modding, FQC art., Blacksheep Modding, and some others I might forgot.

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