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Better Karen Daniels GTA5

Here is my version of Karen Daniels with many fixes, new clothes and textures.

I fixed the gap between neck and torso with the bikini body but there is a texture bug specially coming from bumpmap and specular that I don't know how to fix.

Also there's and skeleton bad animation with the legs when you walking but this is R* fault not mine. The only way to correct this bad animation is by selecting in trainer "SHOES 002" or in Skin Control "Other 003" so the bad animation disappear.

Known bugs:
-Visible texture line on neck with bikini body
-Weird animation with legs (Select shoes 002 in trainer or other 003 in Skin Control to fix the animation)

On the other hand she looks way better with new leather pants, Amanda blue jeans and high heels boots and MP t-shirt under the leather coat.

Additional textures inside folder.

Installation instructions inside folder.  

Credits: dionys19
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