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Traction Control System GTA5

This mod does basically what it says in the tin; here you can find a short video showing what it can do:

This mod does NOT cheat (in other words, it does not modify any handling and/or grip characteristics, nor does it modify physics). It almost works like its real-life counterpart: it analyzes forward wheel slip and makes millisecond adjustments to the user's input to compensate. Not to be confused with a full-fledged EPS; steering input will still make the vehicle slide.

Useful for people playing with keyboards, especially when driving high-torque low-traction vehicles (e.g., muscle cars, Michael's car when fully juiced).

Compatible with everything and anything. Configurable activation key and image.

- Requires
Script Hook V (
Community Script Hook V .NET (

- Installation
Unzip to your \Scripts folder. If it does not exist, create it first.

- Use
Press the toggle engage/disengage key (default: ",")

- Configuration
You can modify TractionControlSystem.ini to configure:

TOGGLE: Key used to toggle TCS on and off. For other key codes, see

SHOW: Show (1) or hide (0) the button image for TCS.
POS_X and POS_Y: X and Y position of the button on your screen. From 0, 0 (top-left) to 1280, 720 (bottom-right).

- Known issues
* Brake lights are occasionally lit a millisecond at a time when the system engages.
* The TCS on/off image flickers in menus (e.g., when bringing up the radio selection menu). 

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