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Beta Vegetation & Props [Add-On] GTA5

First of all, sorry for the somewhat/totally misleading name (i couldn't come up with a better one :P )
With this mod i tried to restore, with as much attention to details as possible, all the vegetation and props that were removed
Everything is based on the first 3 trailers, the old gen version promotional screens, game files (textures, in game tv shows/commercials) and alpha/beta game screens
Note: some parts of Mirror Park where made without a reference (it's something that i've had made since i started working on it more than a year ago with the Map Editor and that i carried over and i'm too lazy to remove :P )

Mods folder

Move the "betavegprops" folder in update\x64\dlcpacks
Add dlcpacks:\betavegprops\ to the dlclist.xml (mods\update\update.rpf\common\data)

This is script is needed only in case you have installed one or more maps that conflict with this:

Forests of Chiliad
Forests of Senora
Forests of San Andreas
GTA V Remastered

Note: if there is map that you want to be added to the script, write in the comment section with a link to said map

To make the script work you need to:
Make sure you have installed the Script Hook V NET
Move "BVP.cs" and "BVP.ini" in the scripts folder
Open and edit the .ini to configure it (all the necessary informations are written there)

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