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Indonesia Map (M.I.I) v0.3.1 [1.30.x] ETS2

Adapted to 1.30.x version
Indonesia map for ETS 2:
M.I.I is a small but great map to explore. Pretty sure he used a lot of things from the major mod makers like TSM (for the things and modules) and goba6372 (for the terrain) and combined all in this map. There are also a lot of surprises in this map. Obstacles in the road are one of them. With contains normal and off roads in the map, which required a new profile, is standalone map which replace standard map from ETS 2.

1.Download this mod.
2.Extract it!
3.Paste the .scs files into your My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.
4.Run game ~> Create new profile ~> Enable mod.
5.Choose indonesia.mbd in the module box and start.

SCS, TSM team, goba6372 (one of the inspiration! M.I.I), Evergreen1976, Donal juragan ballon, Ridho tm, S.ilham, Legiunnaire, Robikin, Mendozblankon, Wisnu suryo jatmiko, Denny CH pratama, Msrihardi modworks, Mas bro, Letrucker jaga jarak/burnedbruno, IanGancank, GabrielPetra and others.

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