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Personal Dog GTA5

Now you can have Dog everywhere even on the missions!.(Right now its just Husky model for every character,but in new version i'll add possobility to save and customize your pets for each character) 

How to install
---Drop MyDog folder and all Files in your "GTAV/Scripts/" folder! 

---New Controlls:
-----Hold "PhoneLeft" button to open bassic commands menu;
-----Hold "PhoneRight" button to open attack commands menu(Mark/Unmark and Attack);
-----Hold "PhoneCancel" button near the vehicle to open "Sit in vehicle" menu;
FL = Front Left Seat(Drivers seat,however dog can only exit through it);(PhoneUp)
FR = Front Right Seat(Front passengers seat);(PhoneRight)
RL = Rear Left Seat;(PhoneLeft)
RR = Rear Right Seat;(PhoneDown)
-- While near dog (the hints will show up if they are not disabled in .ini file)
------- Press PhoneUp to Pet it;
------- Hold PhoneSelect to Carry it in your arms (Ythe character will drop the dog off if he will Collide with something); 

Notice You need to open the door before let dog in or out.
To open doors you can use other scripts like ( by 0x7 or Menyoo until i implement this feature in this script)

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