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Scene Director GTA5

Scene Director is a mod for GTA V specifically aimed at recording Machinima.
In many ways its an extension to Director Mode and Rockstar Editor.

It is active in use among most well known GTA V Machinima videos.

Stage lights is the major new functionality of version 3.4. Now you can light your scene as in a real movie.
In version 3.4.1 you can add complex move, rotate and flicker effects to stage lights.

Action types which are currently recorded are:
- On foot movement
- In vehicle movement (cars, helis, boats, planes++)
- Entering vehicle (including as a passenger with ALT+F)
- Exit vehicle
- Play synchronized animation (ALT+NUM1-9)
- Play animation sequence (ALT+NUM1-9)
- Play scenario from other mod (such as scenario menu)
- Gun fire recording!
- Cover
- Jumping
- Climb
- Rocket vehicle (voltic2) 

- Scripthook V. 

Copy the following files into game directory
- SceneDirector.asi
- SceneDirectorAnim.txt
- scene_director.ini
- SceneDirectorStageLights_config.xml
- SceneDirectorSynchedAnim.xml
Add Stage lights as a DLC
- Follow the instructions in ScenedirectorInstallDLC.txt to add it through OpenIV.  

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