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Deutz D80 four-wheel drive v1 FS17

-Ic Control
-Animated Indoor Script (Ifko)
-Complete Interior Animated including hand throttle and gear shift
-Gearbox and Oilchange mod Ready-
Axis, Cardan shaft and PTO mounts animated gear block
Propeller shaft installed -deck and roll bar installed (bluepuma)
-deck completely controllable via IC … ..
-FL tools are included including a homemade dung fork the Oldenfarm has built
-Dynamic pants (2xdruckluft 3xHydraulik 1xElektro)
-Ackerschiene and new Zugmaul
-Weight block
treaded and adapted -Wheel louvres via design
configuration -Motor configuration (It is possible to install the 85hp engine of the D9005)
-Track configuration (standard tires, nursing tires, wide tires)
-Optional with soft top, roll bar and without nothing at all
-32km / h fast
-Animated Speedometer Instruments
-New Sound (RetroFarmer)

The mod is not perfect … .but over small quirks the oldtimer lover has to see out there … as in real life
To get into the full enjoyment of all features please use Gearbox and Oilchange mod !!!!!!
The conversion was carried out by Dani86 and Oldenfarm


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