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XLFarms X3 v10.3.1.3 Map FS17

This is the final version of the 16x XLFarms X3 map. The map has a new topography based in the north of the USA.
New relief based on real topography
Review and complete replanning of the main farm
Complete review of all points of sale and prices and variations based on the original
Added greater capacity for fruit storage with cost of 0.001 / L
New ambiance and detailed decoration
Object Optimization
New mountains and extreme borders at the edges of the map
Correction of various bugs
It has new textures and details in general.

22 Standard fields of 256ha
4 Standard fields of 64ha
Wind Energy Park
Single main farm with:
Large garage for storing large machines
Fuel station
Fertilizer and seed station
Local point of sale (Inside the main farm)
Large capacity storage point
2 storage points with direct loading for the trains
Point for sale of strawbale
Free area for mods placement (DLC Straw suggestion)

Ample complex of sales of grains with:
2 places of sale
2 places of sale for trains
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