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Realistic Vehicles.meta Configuration GTA5

This mod makes appearing traffic in GTA V look like more in real life. Here were some of the details:

- All kinds of cars (except SUVs and big cars) now spawn on the car transport trailer. This means that cars that normally didn't spawn on truck trailers (e.g. Elegy RH8, Premier, Asea) will now spawn on one.
- Vehicles had correct frequencies depending the rarity of their real-life variant. Cars such as the Tailgater, Rocoto, Oracle (both variants), Habanero, etc. were considered average Joe cars and therefore was more common than any other cars on the road. Luxury, sports cars and entry-level supercars were slightly rarer, and ultimately expensive, limited-production supercars (e.g. Turismo R, Entity XXR, Autarch) and racecars were very rare.
- Vehicles had correct classes. Now the Blista Compact is considered a compact car, the Seven-70 is considered a supercar, the Buffalo and Buffalo S is considered a muscle car, and so on. This is actually an extra requested by friend, as he said that it sucks to see a slow, cheap-like Blista Compact were considered a sports car (handling exempt).

For the instructions, read the readme.
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