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Robillard flats Farm v1.0 Map FS17

Robillard Flats is a real farm in Vermont. Built in 1908 by George Metcalf, Guy and Helen Robillard bought the farm in 1960 (there were other owners in between) followed by their son and his wife, Bernard and Denise Robillard. The round barn burned on August 23 2016 It was sad to see the photos of it burning as a little bit of history was lost. I was asked if I knew how to make a map and I only played around in the editor but this is my first full map build so please be kind if you notice something not quite right. The map is error free with a clean log thanks to Maverick the creator of Mavericks Multifuit map a massive map with many of the same things mine has. You should look him up if you have not already played his map. As well as BDBSSB the creator of the Westbridge map and many great placeable mods some of which are used in my own map.
As for the map itself it is a 4x multifruit with a lot of different crops. It also has mud and chopped straw installed as well as the water trough addon that you own from the start.
There are close to 50 different palleted good you can create. Most of which are in a industial park and all the products have product names of things made in Vermont so if your from New England you might know them.
There are 38 fields ranging from 1.026 ha to 148.327 ha. I have started you off with all the needed equipment but you will need more with a lot of horsepower to make it over some of the fields as Vermont is not a flat state so my map is terraformed and some field on the mountain are very steep.
There are also 3 forestry sections and in the mix of trees are larger ones that will need a special harvester you can find on many mod sites.
Due to the size of this map as well as the many many crops and productions you may have lag and lower frame rates. I built this on my gaming pc so those with lower end pc’s may have fps issues. This is not seasons ready so I would turn it off.
Do not upload this map to any site without my express permission. I will request it removed if you do. This is still being tested and adjusted.

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