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Sardinia Map Add-on v 0.9.1 [1.32] ETS2

Changes in v0.9.1:
– Replaced rest area South of Oristao
– Fixed several bugs
We took the ItalyMap by Renzo428 and Deco13 as base, adapted it for the current version and refreshed the map with new models, vegetation and assets of the Italia DLC.
Published with kind permission of Renzo428 and FLD.

– Cities: Olbia, Oristano, Cagliari
– Towns: Posada, Orotelli
– Roads: SS 131, SS 131 dcn
– UI:17 unique loading screens
You need the Italy and Scandinavia DLC to play this map!
Mod should be compatible with all other add-on maps. If you want to see the loading screens of Sardinia, place it above other maps!
If you already have FLD prefabs from the previous version, you don’t have to download them again.

Load order with ProMods (top to bottom):
– Sardinia Map Ferry, Base
– ProMods Legacy Compatibility fix
– ProMods files

Renzo428, Deco13 (base map); gmtavares (adaption, small rebuilds); Topolino (rebuild); FLD (prefabs); EdgeGladiator (sign improvements)
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