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Lively World - Traffic Stuff Update GTA5

Lively World's goal is to dynamically add simple scenarios and events around, but it is NOT a replacement of stuff like WoV. Not at all. For a properly lively world you need a population mod like WoV. Lively World only adds a top layer of dynamism.

Also, Lively World won't deal with complex scenarios like bank robberies or proper towing services, that stuff will always be a dedicated script.

It might include simple side missions, but not yet.

Main fixes/improvements:
- DispatchWorks support.
- Immersion: new spawned entities will fade-in, as the vanilla game usually does
- Performnace improvements (Big loads distributed along different process ticks)
- Vastly Improved Emergency events (they're now multi-vehicle and support DispatchWorks liveries)
- Added a few traffic scenarios (stripped vehicles on gang areas, two bike scenarios (police/civilian), one about loud vehicle radios and one about vehicles actively overtaking on the highways)
- Improved the scenarios about vehicles driving out
- Improved traffic spawner and traffic replacer, these vehicles can now be chosen for other interactions aswell
- Redefined basic functions, which improves the overall inner workings of the script


Wouldn't you like to see stuff happen? This script makes stuff happen!

More specifically, it makes the game non-player characters interact with the world around them. Peds will use parked cars, taxis will pick up people, criminals will set up shady deals in quiet areas out of sight, emergency services will be more active, etc.

It also injects Add-On cars into traffic, which you can add yourself.
Just go to GTAV/Scripts/LivelyWorld.xml and edit the values there.

This proyect is in early stages, expect bugs and barebones features. Wait until 1.0 if you want the full experience.


  • Peds will now interact more with their surroundings
  • Unique events can now happen, all of them dynamically placed and non-intrusive. You can interact with them or let them develop by themselves.
  • Add-On vehicle injector, so you can have your favorite cars spawn naturally in traffic
  • Other vehicle improvements (Tows actually towing, air traffic, barn finds, etc).

Current Scenarios/Events
  • Vehicles overtaking on the highway
  • Bicycles on vehicles near Vespucci
  • People interacting with parked cars
  • Gang Drivebys
  • Carjackers
  • Racers
  • Tuned cars exiting Benny's Original Motorworks
  • Taxis picking up people
  • Drug deals
  • Peds taking (actual) photos of your car
  • Emergency vehicles rushing to unknown emergencies (unrelated to you)

Planned Scenarios/Events
  • Ambient Street Races
  • Offroad vehicles in countryside
  • People camping
  • Store robberies
  • Muggers
  • Police activity (Raids, traffic stops, chases, prisoner transports, convoys)

Known Issues
- Events and Scenarios have balancing issues. You may see too many or too few of some. I'm still working on the probabilities.
- For NonSteam users, the scenario where peds take photos of your vehicle will crash the script. Disable PlayerCoolCarPhoto in GTAV/Scripts/LivelyWorld.xml to avoid it. (I will fix it myself in the future)

Known Issues - Other Mods (Vehicles, population, etc)

Lively World makes heavy use of information defined by the Mods/Add-Ons it uses.
This includes:
- Ped type
- Vehicle bone positions/existence
- Vehicle names
- Vehicle classes
- Vehicle defined driver(model)

This is both good and bad. High quality content will be properly used by LivelyWorld, but vehicles/peds that lack these characteristics will easily create bugs and improper behavior.
Because of this, you should take care of which vehicles/peds you have installed. If you notice bugs related to specific vehicles/peds, you can either remove it from your game, or tell me so I can blacklist them.
Vehicles without proper LODs/too many polygons will destabilize your game, so don't add them to the traffic injector.

All files go into (GTA V Folder)/Scripts/.
If you don't have it, congratulations, this is your first script.
Create it.

.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ 2015
ScriptHookVDotNet Latest

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