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Original model & textures by : alex189 & saldin93
Retextured by PVO in 4K resolution.
Original mod : https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/sims-4-female-custom-oc-add-on-ped-replace

Premission granted to upload this from alex189.
Replaces Lana.ytd.

This is the BETA 4K version of Lana so there is things left untouched. Not all of the textures were modified for this BETA.

Soon will be final version that replaces almost all textures in 4K and final textures touches.
The clotsh are test the quality limits of the 4K Textures.
The cloths may be different for the 4K Final version.

Instalation :
If you didn't replace the model on another ingame model so just find Lana.ytd via OpenIV (Ctrl+F3 to open search in OpenIV) and replace Lana.ytd. (make sure to make a backup!)

If you replaced existing ingame model to Lana model just find the model you replaced and rename Lana.ytd to the one you replaced and replace it. 

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