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Warfare MOD GTA5

20 VS 20 team deathmatch plus LAPV, tank, attack chopper, and juggernaut.

-Script Hook V
-Script Hook V Dot Net
-Native UI

[How To Install]
Drag and drop everything except this readme into your "scripts" folder.

[How To Use]
-Launch:F10(Can be changed)
-Show match status:Numpad1(Can be changed)
-First hit "Teleport to Friendly Spawn Point" and start match.
-"Location Editor" enables you to edit locations and make a new location.

-To use interior maps(name starts from "Int_"), install OpenInterior.asi.
-To use maps which doesn't exist in freemode(name starts from "Menyoo_"), install Menyoo.
-If you spawn the enemy too far from the player, sometimes it doesn't move.

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